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                Welcome to New Alliance Capital!


                About · New AllianceCapital Management Funds that Focus on Private Equity and Venture Capital

                New Alliance Capital

                New Alliance Capital is one of China's leading investment firms with AUM of RMB 10 billion across 6 funds, which are New Alliance Fund I, New Alliance Fund II, New Alliance QFLP Fund, and Shanghai Israel Investment Fund, etc. Founded in 2008 in Shanghai, New Alliance has developed deeply domain expertise and insight into our industries of focus. We channel that knowledge into all of over 60 TMT and healthcare investments we have made.

                Our investments are designed to preserve and grow our limited partners' capital. Our limited partners range from reputable funds, listed companies to wealthy individuals, including but not limited to Shanghai Alliance Investment Limited, Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co. Ltd., Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. Ltd. and Asia Alternatives.

                TMT, Healthcare, Energy/Clean-tech
                Deal Type
                Early-stage, Growth-stage, Pre-IPO and M&A
                Target Company
                Industry leaders, Massive growth potentia, Sustainable business models, Superior Management
                Value-added Services
                Management & Operation improvement, Technology development strategy, Capital operation support